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Fang Liu’s artwork showcases a collection of 48 breathtaking photographs that encapsulate the essence of traditional Chinese culture with a focus on the 24 Solar Terms. Each image is meticulously crafted in a beautiful and classic Chinese style, offering viewers a visual journey through the rich tapestry of China’s cultural heritage.
Thea is a dynamic 6-year-old girl. She is the lead performer in the “Chinese Kids Kung Fu” show at the prestigious 2024 international Children’s Lunar New Year Gala hosted by CCTV student channel.
Students from BigBang Artwork and Duan Art Studio donated their paintings of Saratoga to Saratoga City on Oct 18, 2023. A student representative had a speech and they were commended by the Mayor and City Councils.

Our Tutor Program is designed to nurture budding artists like you. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, you will learn to translate your ideas into art, using the cosmos as your canvas. You will explore different techniques, experiment with colors and shapes, and learn how to tell a story through your artwork. Additionally, you will find language-learning one-on-one classes

Big Bang Artwork is a non-profit organization that provides K-12 students with opportunities to celebrate their own talents by giving them hands-on experiences in creativity, business, learning languages, and mentorship. Their goal is to help children explore and discover their interdisciplinary potential. Additionally, learn the techniques and tools of professional artists and the business world, and engage in a diverse, nurturing, and creative community.

Summer programs allow for structure in what can be a seemingly timeless break. Countless opportunities in various areas and topics promote productivity, introduce new ideas and perspectives, and create memories that will remain after summer ends. Students with a certain interest can find programs centering on it to gain deeper knowledge, to acquire hands-on experience, to work with individuals with similar passions. Students who are still staying open can similarly find what they love doing through summer programs. No matter what point you are at, summer programs can only expand your horizons.

You might’ve heard people suggesting for high schoolers to start applying for scholarships as soon as possible. So what exactly are scholarships? Are they actually necessary to apply for? Where can I find them? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this week’s BigBang Artwork article!

Before any names go on your college list, it’s important to know the types of schools there are! Junior year is a great time to start compiling your list, but it’s always a good idea to be thinking about where you want to go. In this article, we’ll be defining several types of colleges: four-year, two-year, public, private, liberal arts, community, and special focus.

There is a variety of options available to students looking to pursue an academic extracurricular! From calculus to writing, there are options, clubs, and tournaments are available to be joined.

Thomas Dreiser once said that “art is the stored honey of the human soul.”
Artistic passions are worth pursuing. From fine art to filmmaking to pottery, there are multitudes of options for extracurricular activities available to students.

Each extracurricular is highly unique. This article isn’t a step-to-step guide on how to go about them or a detailed insight into any specific area or activity. (that’ll be the next few!) What it is is insight into the general mindset students can cultivate when pursuing extracurricular activities!

We covered AP exams, and what they are in our previous article. However, there are myths about them that occasionally make their way around!

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate are two kinds of courses available to students. Colleges seem to place the two systems on equal levels, but it’s still important to be aware of the differences between the two. The AP program is aimed toward 9-12th graders, while the IB program is mainly for ages 16-19.

A different schedule, other courses, not being used to returning to school. These things call for a change in study habits! It’s often difficult to adjust to a new environment, but an improvement in habits and lifestyle will make the process easier. So let’s get right into it: how can your study habits be improved?

 What exactly is a growth mindset? Developed by psychologist Carol Dweck, the definition of a growth mindset is the belief system people have when it comes to learning. Having a growth mindset is not only being able to bounce back from failure but also having a more positive perspective on failure.

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake hit Luding in Sichuan, wounding hundreds and killing many. Officers rescued the injured and resettlement sites were set up for thousands of people. Individuals and organizations have donated to the effort, including our own.

“You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think big. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals.”

Each Spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent in the nation. The Artistic Discovery Competition began in 1982. The Competition is open to all high school students in the nation.

BigBang Artwork held the award ceremony for the students who won China Central Television (CCTV) Youth Art Selection and Luxembourg Art Competition.

BigBang Artwork works to help K-12 students further expand their minds while ensuring the safety of our youth by implementing proper Covid-19 protocols. For the past 4 months, we have provided more than 6000 no cost PCR tests, free N95 masks and cupcakes sponsored by JoJo Sweet Kitchen to the communities, especially students, teachers, parents, and staff. 

Thank the volunteers who joined our Youth Volunteer Program. Thank you for your help at the covid-19 testing center, Kansen Chu Assembly, online teaching assistant and other opportunities.

The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the President’s Volunteer Service Award to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.

A recent fundraiser spearheaded by 4 young artists from San Francisco Bay Area raised $3,000 for victims of a flood that devastated Henan, China in July. Proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross Society of Anyang, which is coordinating relief and fundraising efforts in the devastated area. 

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