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Young artists’ creative fundraiser helps flood victims in China

Water leaves devastation in Henan, China
Devastating flood in Henan, China

A recent fundraiser spearheaded by 4 young artists from San Francisco Bay Area raised $3,000 for victims of a flood that devastated Henan, China in July. Proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross Society of Anyang, which is coordinating relief and fundraising efforts in the devastated area. The 4 young artists are Vincent Chen(17 years old), Aiden Chen(13 years old), John Tan(7 years old) and Emmy Zhang(6 years old).

Emmy Zhang, a 6-year-old 2nd grade student, whose hometown is Henan, China. She was told by her mom when the flooding began. She started hearing more reports about the flooding after she met her friends who are also from Henan, China. She asked her friends, their response was, ‘How can we help?’ or, ‘We’re praying for Henan,’ The response of everyone wanting to come together and help with this was moving.

They decided to draw for fundraising. They finished their artworks and launched the fundraising within days of the disaster. With the help of Anyang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, they successfully donated to Red Cross Society of Anyang.

Yuning Zhang, the president of Anyang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, commended the 4 young artists for their effort. “I was so excited to hear about their fundraiser,” she said. “I think their effort is a tremendous expression of compassion.”

The Red Cross Society of Anyang issued honorary credentials to the young artists. “Thank you for your care and support of flood prevention and disaster relief of Anyang city, to which your donation pumped a loving heart has made a difference. Please let us show our appreciation and praise.”

July 27, 2021

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