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Art brings inspiration; children create the future.

BigBang Artwork is a non-profit organization established in Silicon Valley, California. Our goal is to provide K-12 students opportunities to celebrate their own talents by giving them hands-on experiences in creativity, business, and mentorship. 

Our artists and mentors have won the highest honors in various fields. Under their leadership, children are inspired to explore and discover their multi-dimensional potential, learn the techniques and tools of professional artists and the business world while engaging in a diverse, nurturing, and creative community. With BigBang Artwork, every child will gain knowledge and experience, expanding their horizons and progressing on the lifelong journey of learning. We believe that children should have a balanced outlook on their future. Discover more possibilities at an early age. This produces life-transforming change where children will amaze the world with their unparalleled enthusiasm and passion.

Our mission


Becoming an artist and reaching the highest honors in the field takes years of hard work and dedication. Learning from historical works of art and from famous artists, children will develop many skills as well as an artist’s perception. BigBang Artwork builds safe and creative environments, allowing children to explore potential and develop their own personalities and styles while forging their own.


It takes hard work and perseverance to become a master of your craft. The greatest encouragement to a child can be witnessing the character and dedication of a master. This can cultivate a child’s determination and strengthen the mind and soul, which helps establish great learning habits.


Our adaptive exercises and teachings aim to provide children with a variety of practical activities. While further exercising their skills, students develop character and strengthen their sense of mission and responsibility.


林莉Li Lin Portrait@2x

Lin Li

Olympic Swimming Champion

As a professional swimmer, Lin Li was the first Chinese athlete to break a world record as well as obtain an Olympic gold medal. She was the first Chinese swimmer to participate in three Olympic Games, competing in 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympic Games.


Duan Zhaonan

Contemporary Painter

Duan Zhaonan is the director of Silicon Valley Art Museum, the chairman of the American Chinese Cultural Artists Association. His artworks can also be seen in the American Carmel American Gallery and in Mei Langfang Memorial Museum.

党伟光Weiguang Dang portrait@2x

Dang Weiguang

American Singer

Dang Weiguang is a well-known baritone singer and vocal educator who graduated from Central Conservatory of Music and Millikin University College of Art. He serves as a judge for the American Feiyang International Music Competition and Stanford University Music Competition.

dance art educator@2x

Wang Linghua

Dance Art Educator

Wang LingHua is a well-known dance art educator who played the lead role in many famous dance dramas such as “Fan to the moon,” “BanPing Mountain,” and “Fengming QiShan.” Additionally, she played many other roles in television and films, most notably as Xingxian in “Journey to the west,” Zhang Haiping in “Color Question Mark,” and Xiao Xie in “Ghost Girl.”


Gong Jianhua


Gong Jianhua is a famous Chinese photographer who is a member of the China Photographers Association as well as the director of the Sunshine Studio in San Francisco and a contract Photographer at Zone2point8 in Washington D.C. Furthermore, he is a photojournalist for the U.S. Overseas Chinese Newspaper and LaoZhong Local News.

田永平Yongping Tian Portrait@2x

Tian Yongping


Tian YongPing is a professor at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, chairman of the American Chinese Musicians Association, and the director of California Youth Chinese Orchestra.

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