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Study Habits

A different schedule, other courses, not being used to returning to school. These things call for a change in study habits! It’s often difficult to adjust to a new environment, but an improvement in habits and lifestyle will make the process easier. So let’s get right into it: how can your study habits be improved?

1. Prioritize reflection on your previous study habits and patterns

Figure out what worked, what didn’t work, and what has potential. Improvement in study habit-building does not mean completely starting from scratch. It means using your experience and building off of what you already know and experienced.

2. Set up a calendar for important times like exam dates

Having a stable platform with all the dates you need to have in mind is key. This way, you can arrange your study plan according to priority and timeliness. With a calendar, you won’t have seemingly random exams popping up around you and you’ll feel more prepared for each one.

3. Arrange daily to-do lists for assignments

As addressed with calendars, priority is everything. Frequent, consistent to-do lists allow students to track progress, form a clear homework and study schedule for the day, and make sure that tasks aren’t left out. Daily to-do lists are more on the short-term side; it’s important to consider long-term goals, too! Are you aiming for a certain GPA? Do you want to pass all your AP courses? Is there knowledge or a particular skill you want to gain by the end of the year?

4. Figure out where and under which conditions you work best

Environment matters! Some people will work in a warmer room, others prefer a slight breeze. Do you prefer the silence of a library or maybe the chattering background noise of a cafe?

5. Get rid of distractions

Turning Do Not Disturb on, putting electronic devices that aren’t in use out of sight, and getting in the right environment all help with eliminating potential distractions. Not going in depth with material and studying will lead to the accumulation of no knowledge or review at all.

Study habits form mindset, and how students approach their academics through work ethic and attitude will determine their final results. Incorporating these habits into your life a little bit at a time will keep your energy up and your mind open but organized. We’ve mentioned AP Exams in this article. In BigBang Artwork’s next one, we’ll be discussing what exactly they are, as well as the importance and benefits they hold!

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