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Tan Ji’er


Tan Ji’er by Zhaonan Duan  34″x34″

Chinese painting

“Tan Ji’er” is a Sichuan Opera adapted by Sichuan Opera screenwriter Li Mingzhang based on Guan Hanqing’s masterpiece “Wangjiang Pavilion Mid-Autumn Festival” in Yuan Dynasty

About Zhaonan Duan

Mr. Duan Zhaonan was born in Yunnan in 1955 and is part of the Bai ethnic group. He is the curator of Silicon Valley Art Museum and Chairman of the America Chinese Culture Artist Association. Mr. Zhaonan is a renowned artist with works in the American Art Gallery in Carmel, California, USA and Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall in Beijing, China.

In 2014, Huai’an Duan Zhaonan Art Museum was built.

In 2017, Tianjin Arts Publishing published Dahongpao Duan Zhaonan Painting Collection.

Xuzhou Duan Zhaonan Art museum was built

In 2019, Dali Duan Zhaonan Art Museum were built.

Later that year, the China Kunqu Museum collected and exhibited 70 of “Duan Zhaonan Kunqu Operas painting”. Mr. Zhaonan was invited to create 100 Peking Opera Paintings.

In 2020, Overseas Chinese Library established the “Nantong Duan Zhaonan Art Museum”.

In 2021, Anyang Duanzhaonan Opera Art Museum was built.

In 2022, Hongshancun, Dali established the “Duan Zhaonan Opera Art Museum”.

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