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Shepherd paradise


Shepherd paradise by Z. Tripp  36″x48″

oil on canvas


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About Byron Z. Tripp

Artist-in-residence in Silicon Valley, CA. Chairman of the America Chinese Culture Artist Association, and belonging to the artistic lineage of world famous and influential artist Xu Bei Hong. Principal architectural designer and builder of custom homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Selected pieces exhibited at the Lanzhou Museum of Art
  • Recognizing the Heroes of COVID, oil on canvas. Exhibited at the Jiangsu Provincial Art Exhibition. Currently held by the Overseas Chinese Federation of Jiangsu Province.
  • The First Light of Dawn, oil on canvas. Exhibited at the Gansu Province Celebratory Exhibition at the Museum of Art, hosted by the Gansu Federation of Overseas Chinese
  • The Magnificent Beauty of Nature, Chinese brush painting. Currently held by the Duan Zhaonan Cultural Entrepreneurship Industrial Base
  • Lotus – Intangible Ethereal Emptiness, oil on canvas. 14 ft. long.
  • The Flow of Floating, oil on canvas. Series of 10 paintings including: Close to Heaven; Peek Through; Wave.


  • Interviewed by local Chinese newspaper and radio programs World Journal and Chinese Radio.
  • Red Cranes Celebrating, oil on canvas. Exhibited at the School of Fine Arts at Nanjing Normal University.
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