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BigBang Artwork - Art brings inspiration, children create the future

Bigbang Artwork



Art brings inspiration
Children create the future

Congratulations to Vincent Chen, whose artwork will be exhibited at Congressman Eric Swalwell's DC Office for one year!


Salute by Vincent Chen

Artwork Sale Fundraising to help earthquake victims in Sichuan, China
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Tutor Program

BigBang Artwork tutor program empower K-8 students opportunities for leadership training, confidence building, languages learning etc. To help students succeed in all the ways that meet their needs. Join our tutor program and mentored by one of our experienced tutors, who has been rigorously selected for teaching.

Key Speakers

段昭南 个人照片
Zhaonan Duan
Curator of Silicon Valley Art Museum 
Reading Program2
Kansen Chu
Berryessa School Board Member, Former California Assembly Member
Simeone Chien
Director of Constituent Services, Congress Ro Khanna
Lu Zhang
Lu Zhang
Founder of Fusion Fund. Forbes 30 under 30
Steve Betando
Steve Betando
Interim Superintendent
Evergreen School District


Becoming an artist and reaching the highest honors in the field takes years of hard work and dedication. Learning from historical works of art and from famous artists, children will develop many skills as well as an artist’s perception. BigBang Artwork builds safe and creative environments, allowing children to explore potential and develop their own personalities and styles while forging their own.

容器 4@2x


It takes hard work and perseverance to become a master of your craft. The greatest encouragement to a child can be witnessing the character and dedication of a master. This can cultivate a child’s determination and strengthen the mind and soul, which helps establish great learning habits.

mission 3@2x


Our adaptive exercises and teachings aim to provide children with a variety of practical activities. While further exercising their skills, students develop character and strengthen their sense of mission and responsibility.

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