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2024 International Children's Lunar New Year Gala by China Central Television(CCTV) Student Channel

Organizing Units
China Central Television Student Channel
US Host:
BigBang Artwork
Music Land School of Music
Time and Location
Date: January 14, 2024
Location: Dublin High Performing Art Center
8151 Village Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568
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Event Purpose
The China Central Television (CCTV) Student Channel is organizing the “Spring in China, Blessings in China” 2024 International Children’s Lunar New Year Gala to further highlight the achievements of moral and cultural education among students. The goal is to enhance the aesthetic and humanistic literacy of elementary and middle school students, foster comprehensive development in artistic education, and encourage cultural and artistic exchanges among children and teenagers.
This event aims to enliven and enrich the cultural and spiritual lives of elementary and middle school students, as well as to discover and promote outstanding artistic talents. The gala provides a platform for the artistic performance of children and teenagers, contributing to the global series of children’s literary and artistic performance programs. Adhering to the principles of authority and universality, this year’s art gala aims to promote artistic education and support the aesthetic learning and social practices of young children and teenagers.
Past Hignlights

1. Eligible Participants

Dream-filled youth aged 4-18 with artistic talents who are willing to express themselves (both individuals and groups can apply).

2.Program Categories

(1)Vocal: Solo, duet, performance singing, choir, etc.

(2)Instrumental: Solo, ensemble, group performance, etc.

(3)Dance: Classical, popular, folk, Latin, modern, etc.

(4)Traditional Chinese Opera: Peking Opera, regional opera, etc.

(5)Spoken Language: Recitation, cross talk, sketch, musicals, etc.

(6)Performing Arts: Martial arts, modeling, taekwondo, gymnastics, etc.

Note: Multiple talents can be applied, and receiving at least one approval will result in a qualification notice. The content should be healthy, diverse in form, full of childlike innocence and youthful vitality. The program format is unlimited, encouraging innovation and highlighting local characteristics. The duration of a single program should not exceed 4 minutes. The maximum number of participants in each program is 25.

3.Recording Requirements

Shoot horizontally, with a clean and clutter-free background. The video and audio quality should be clear without noise. Participants should be dressed neatly, without clothing featuring reactionary, violent, or English letter patterns. There is no need for self-introduction in the program video.”

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