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2024 Youth China Campus TV Talent Selection Volunteer

The 2024 Youth China Campus TV Talent Selection will take place on Sunday, 12/3, in Woodside. Whether you have skills in photography, planning, production, communication, or any other various talents, we welcome your participation!
By joining us, you not only have the opportunity to showcase your talents and make friends but also to build deep friendships, create unforgettable memories, and enhance your organizational and coordination abilities. There is also a chance to learn practical skills, participate in the planning and execution of large-scale events, and develop your teamwork and leadership skills. Additionally, you can accrue volunteer hours. So, come join us and let’s create wonderful moments together!
Here are the benefits of being a volunteer with BigBang Artwork :

Production Team

The volunteers of the production team will collaborate to curate program selections, plan the event, and assist in designing optimal lighting, sound, and stage effects, all in the pursuit of electrifying performance! Their creativity and hard work aim to ensure that actors relish the stage, showcasing their talents to leave the audience screaming in awe, creating lasting memories.
The main responsibilities of the production team are divided into four modules.
Event preparation: organizing program recruitments, conducting pre-screening, designing program content, and coordinating event rehearsals.
Stage design: lighting design, LED screen coordination, and the design and execution of stage props.
Audio technical support: setting up the stage, managing microphone stands, and fine-tuning audio elements (PA/monitoring/OB).
Gala scene: organizing waiting areas, prompting, managing props, overseeing accompaniment playback, and supervising overall stage activities.
Sponsorship Team:
Main responsibilities:
The sponsorship team is primarily responsible for developing sponsorship plans and defining sponsor rights and benefits. They actively engage with both cash and non-cash sponsors, negotiate collaboration terms, explore potential sponsors and partnerships, execute sponsor promotions and benefits, and ensure the welfare of both the audience and the community. Additionally, the team plays a crucial role in coordinating and assisting sponsored booths during the event.
Logistics Team:
The logistics team orchestrates the organization and procurement of volunteer large-scale team-building activities or celebration banquets. They execute ticketing plans for the Spring Festival Gala and provide logistical support on the gala and pre-screening days. This support includes ticket checking, meal distribution, venue coordination, and general on-site assistance.

Photography Team

Capture every thrilling moment through the lens! Bring the event from the bay area to the global stage. If you have a passion for photography, videography, and editing, along with a creative flair, and would like to collaborate with like-minded individuals, we welcome you to join the production team. We anticipate you will unleash your artistic talents and contribute to the creation of timeless classics!
The main responsibilities and related skills of the production team include:
  • Event day photography (photography, photo editing)
  • Capturing highlights of volunteer activities (photography, videography, video editing)
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